It’s like I’ve woken up *Written by Aven

Over our 3 years in Japan, we saw God at work in the small things, the small moments…

“It’s like I’ve woken up” he said. We were having a time of sharing before we prayed together and the gentleman I had been partnered with excitedly shared his revelation. “Every month, I look forward to the missions prayer meetings and when I get home I like to look for the countries in my world atlas. I look up what language they speak and what the population is.” Once a month we would do a missions prayer meeting. Aj would give a devotion and I would share about a country before splitting the group into pairs to pray for the people group and each other.

“Now, sometimes when I pray, the names of some of the missionaries you told me about naturally come to mind; I pray for them and wonder how they are doing,” he continued. I wonder what you think about missions involvement? The gentleman in my story is 83 years old and he would often comment that there isn’t much he could do for missions. He could only pray. But the reality is, that’s not all he was doing. In actual fact, he was using the information I presented each month as a base to do more research and pray for the people group with even greater insight than my short presentation allowed. He would excitedly share the things he learnt with his friends in the church, encouraging them to pray. When he told me was still praying for missionaries working in fields I had mentioned months before, I would send word to them and they would in turn be encouraged…

Dear friends, don’t you agree this man was involved in missions? He wasn’t just praying, he was learning and helping to send others by encouraging them. He also mobilised his friends to know more. This is a man with no internet connection but who serves a God who delights in the small things. You may feel like the only contribution you can make is very small but, let me encourage you, God delights in the small and is in no way limited by them.

OMF has produced some resources with the 6 ways anyone can be involved in missions. Follow this

link to see more

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