Showing the need for church planters in Japan.


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2 Comments on “Showing the need for church planters in Japan.”

    • Thanks for the response and valid question. I admit that I was writing this from a Christian’s perspective. It comes down to worldview and spiritual beliefs. Christianity has a number of key beliefs. (As do other faiths and non-faith views)

      These key beliefs include: 1. That God exists. 2. That God has revealed Himself through the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ. 3. That as a humanity we have sinned by not honoring God, the cause of human suffering is as a result of our sin against God. 4. God is very loving, and very gracious. 2000 Years ago God stepped into human history to lay down His life as a sacrifice for our sin. To pay the penalty, to bear the guilt. 5. Through repenting of sin and trusting in Jesus, we can be restored into a right relationship with God. 6. This good news is not only for me, my family, or my country. It is for all people. Some of the last recorded words of Jesus are found in Matthew 28:18-20 where He tells His followers to go and make disciples of ALL NATIONS, and to teach them all that God has commanded. If someone really believes the Christian message then they are morally obligated to share this good news. It would be selfish, unkind and unloving not to. Finally, the way this Gospel message is advanced in the world is by planting churches. These are communities of people who love Jesus and seek to be a blessing to their neighborhood. Seeking to serve and invite people to faith. We do not seek to force people to believe. I am not sure if you adhere to any spiritual beliefs. You are entitled to believe what you wish. But I hope you can understand that I am a Christian, and this is a Christian blog. There are a number of churches in Japan trying to be a blessing to Japan and serve its people. I don’t believe I am better than others, and I hope I am not coming across as arrogant. I had a look at your blog, I don’t really read French. (As a South African my first language is Afrikaans) Japan is a beautiful country with beautiful people, I am sure you are enjoying your stay. Again, thanks for the response. PS. I found out that there are actually about 10 Shinto Shrines in the USA, interesting.


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