Importance of the virgin birth

It’s been over a month since my last blog post, the past 30 days have been quite a busy time with a youth camp, mission trip and other ministry commitments. (Keep an eye out for our next Newsletter with more details) I’m now in East London enjoying some down time with family, looking forward to spending Christmas in Cape Town Yay!

I thought it be a good idea to write a few words about the virgin birth as it relates to Christmas. It’s actually a significant and important Christian truth. A one time, never to be repeated incident. Have you ever taken time to think about it? Does it not sound strange? Why did God orchestrate things this way? Is there a reason for such a dramatic, unusual event? Let me try to shed some light by reminding you of a few truths regarding this miracle done by God. I know this is a unusual post for my blog but hey; its Christmas! Here we go…

  1. The virgin birth is a fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy.           Isaiah 7:14 tells us this 700 years before it actually took place. It will be a sign to the people, that this truly is the Work of God. This prophecy joins the hundreds of other specific prophecies about the life and work of Jesus Christ.
  2. The virgin birth ensures the divinity and humanity of Jesus. If Jesus came to earth apart from any human parent it would be difficult to see how he could be truly human. Also, if Jesus was born of a human father AND mother (The 100% natural way) it would be difficult to see Him as truly God. Wayne Grudem the theologian explains it like this:“God, in his wisdom, ordained a combination of human and divine influence in the birth of Christ, so that his full humanity would be evident to us from the fact of his ordinary human birth from a human mother, and his full deity would be evident from the fact of his conception in Mary’s womb by the powerful work of the Holy Spirit”.
  3. The virgin birth made possible his perfect sacrifice for sins. Every human being inherits a sinful nature. (Romans 5:12, Psalm 51:5) We are born into sin and sin because we sinners. What about Jesus? He is unique and stands alone as righteous. He did not receive a sinful nature because he was not conceived of man. Luke 1:35 says that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit, a powerful act of God, Because He did not inherit a sinful nature, because He is God and because He died in our pace and for our sins, we can be reconciled by His blood.
  4. To prove salvation comes from God not people. The virgin birth shows us that salvation comes from above, it comes from God. Our source for hope and life can never be found anywhere else except in Christ.  If we worshipped Mary or anyone else except God we will be committing idolatry. We would be sinning. It’s true that Mary delivered Jesus at birth, yet Jesus had to deliver Mary from sin. Mary did nothing for her or our salvation, Joseph did nothing, God did it all. The miracle of the virgin birth attests to that.

I hope these points inspire you towards worship this Christmas season. We celebrate the day God broke through into human existence to finish a mission. The great work of reconciliation between a sinful man and a holy God. Let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas, lets not forget the significance of the virgin birth.

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